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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cheney Vet offer Military Discount? Yes. Cheney Vet offers a 10% Military and Veteran Discount with valid ID. Mention it to the front desk on your next visit!

How often should I bring my companion in for a check-up? We reccomend coming in yearly for a comprehensive physical exam for your companion. A lot can change in a year - even for our healthiest friends. Preventative care, like yearly physicals, helps to decrease the risk of sudden onset diseases and helps get treatment started sooner in those situations.

Does Cheney Vet do nail trims? Yes. We offer nail trims for most animal companions. For example: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and occasionally reptiles.

Does Cheney Vet offer payment plans? No. Payment is due at the time of service in all cases. We accept Cash, Check, and all major Credit Cards. Care Credit is a credit company we reccomend to those seeking financial assistance for their vet bills. Ask our front desk staff for more information!

Does your companion really need to be Spayed/Neutered? Spaying and neutering can have major longterm benefits for your companion, including lowering or preventing the risk of several diseases and types of cancer. Our veterinarians will be happy to discuss these benefits. In addition, these procedures help control the pet population by reducing the number of unwanted pets.

Why are these procedures so expensive? Spaying/Neutering are surgical procedures that require your pet to be put under anesthesia. The cost of these procedures takes into account the anesthesia, your veterinary team’s time and expertise, monitoring, drapes, suture material, and hospitalization. These procedures are much less expensive than feeding and caring for litters of unwanted puppies or kittens or dealing with potential pregnancy complications.

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